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A recital of lullaby and dreams infused with the world of Edgar Allan Poe.


The notoriously eccentric Doctor Maillard, using his ‘Dormancy Automaton’, has dedicated his life to the pursuit of controlling the dreams of others. After countless failed trials he has finally found the perfect candidate in the shape of the jilted bride Lenore. With music from the likes of Berlioz, Strauss, and Saint-Saëns, the Lullaby Experiments takes the traditional recital form, combines it with the world of Edgar Allan Poe, and throws it into an abstract setting.


This event was part of Great Exhibitionists in the Britten Theatre, the Royal College of Music‘s cutting-edge concert series taking up the spirit of the 1851 Great Exhibition.


Stefanos was the choreographer and the lead male dancer as The Raven.





Choreography, Dance
choreography, dance