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Ayanfe A Yoruba Opera





Ayanfe is a Yoruba Opera based on the folk legend of Moremi Ajasoro, a female warrior who saved the people of Ife from invaders. Premiered in Opera in the city Festival in 2018 in Bridewell Theatre in London, ”Ayanfe, a Yoruba Opera” was written by RCM Graduate, April Atinuke Koyejo. The opera combines the legend of Moremi Ajasoro, with other Yoruba fairytales and legends. Set to music by Composer/Pianist Pierre Audiger, he takes influences from Classical Music, Jazz, and combines with the Yoruba idea of “Folk Opera”, a format that emerged in Nigeria in the ’40s.


The work is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, interactive performance with a magnetic cast, combining Brazilian, Cuban and Nigerian, Yoruba elements of dance, narration, and talking drums with the western classical formats of music and dance.


Funded by the Arts Council of England.


Stefanos was the co-choreographer alongside Damarys Farres as well as the lead dancer.





Choreography, Dance
choreography, dance