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Moremi Ajasoro Opera




Moremi The Storytelling Opera is a story written by April Atinuke Koyejo, inspired by her own ancestry and a desire to bring the Yoruba culture to the operatic stage. The opera infuses the Yoruba idea of “Folk Opera” (a format that emerged in Nigeria in the 1940s) with classical opera, to tell the story of the mighty queen that saved Ilé-Ifẹ from the people of the forest.


The music, composed by Pierre Audiger takes inspiration from the folklore, with an honest yet exciting rendition of Yoruba folk music reimagined in a western classical style.


Stefanos Dimoulas choreographed and staged the opera, which is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, interactive performance with a magnetic cast, Yoruba and Ballet Dancers, Classical Singers, and a Children’s Chorus. The opera is also accompanied by authentic Yoruba Talking Drums and Percussion, Piano, and String ensemble.


Moremi Ajasoro Τhe Storytelling Opera premiered in Glasgow in 2015.





Choreography, Dance
choreography, dance