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Frameless London


Frameless London – Dance In Art


Frameless London (@framelessldn), the biggest immersive and multi-dimensional art gallery in the UK, housed in an incredible 30,000 square foot venue and located just a few short steps from Marble Arch and Oxford Street, introduced dancers and movement in their magical space.


Directed and choreographed by Stefanos Dimoulas, the 10-min pop up show was repeated once every hour with six shows a day, two days per week in Beyond Reality Gallery next to artworks by Salvador Dali, Bosch, Munch, Arcimboldo, Ernst and Rousseau. The show combined the neoclassical technique for a commercially broad audience and attracted loads of positive feedback and attention by visitors, reviewers and influencers.


Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by @stefanos_dimoulas

Cast: @cameveritt, @chapppppers, @aramintawraith, @nikki__skinner, @ellabmansford

Music Composer: @nickpowelloskar
Costume & Hair assistant: @leonidas_achladiotis
Costumes: @bloch_eu
Producer: @framelessldn
Production Manager: Marta Toopoornicka
⁣⁣⁣Communication & PR: @weare_premier & @jwoosocial

Video by: @gormville





Choreography, Dance