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The vision of our shop was inspired by our passion for dance and our respect for the visual arts.

Making visual art part of everyday life

In a rehearsal, in the office, in a meeting, in a restaurant.

To establish this idea, we started collaborating with different illustrators and graphic designers who use Stefanos’ dance photos as an inspiration to create single-line drawings which are then being put on ecological garments. The result brings shapes in harmony on monochrome backgrounds fused with contemporary and minimalistic art styles.

Our innovative way comes to life with four unique elements:

• the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and water-based inks, that are not tested on animals and have a cool touch with a nice stretchy feel.

• the making of the pieces in renewable energy-powered factories.

• the production of unisex and sustainable essentials, that promote unity, freedom, and equality between any existing genders.

• the partnership with companies with our work ethics: safe work conditions, zero-tolerance on discrimination, and premium customer services.

The results are pieces that would have never been released if we would not wear them ourselves first. ENJOY!

Your opinion matters. Your feedback could greatly help us to make our work better.

Stefanos Dimoulas Dance x Kyriacos Panagritis

Stefanos Dimoulas Dance x Valantia Moraitakis

Stefanos Dimoulas Dance x Yanmos

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