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Slide « I have grown in the process but most importantly I still see myself as that young boy from a small town in a small country with big aspirations. I still remember the time when people had little regard for dance as a hobby let alone as a profession. » « I have been devoting myself to the endless world of dance for two decades. To associate and create with artists on a daily basis is and always has been an honour I take to heart. » « I’m constantly amazed and humbled by the attention my work has received especially from my country of origin and I am committed to support the unique creative ecology by contributing to the development of creative entrepreneurship and encouraging artistic experimentation through dance. » THE 2NIGHT SHOW — INTERVIEW EXTRACT MARIE CLAIRE GREECE — INTERVIEW EXTRACT TEDxPANTEION UNIVERSITY — SPEECH EXTRACT




”Narrated by the legendary Jeremy Irons, and with outstanding performances by Stefanos Dimoulas…”

The Upcoming UK

”și de prezența a doi balerini plini de fantezie – Natacha Trigg și Stefanos Dimoulas…”

Radio Romania Muzical

”The dancers, especially Stefanos Dimoulas as the Dragonfly and Lucy Burns as the Spirit of the Vixen, performed to a very high standard…”

Sean and Heard International

”…led by the elegant dragonfly (Stefanos Dimoulas), flitting and pirouetting over the grassy mounds of Maria Bjornson’s set.”

London Grip

”Stefanos Dimoulas as a fluttering Dragonfly channeled a fair bit of Nijinsky.”

The Sprout UK

”The characters are played by Stefanos Dimoulas…shows flavors of fantastic technique…but what really stands out is the strength of their mime and synchronicity as they journey through the story. ”

Seeing Dance

”while Stefanos Dimoulas… jumps from role to role with ease.”

Evening Standard

”Playing a rotating cast of antagonists… Stefanos Dimoulas… spin a wheel of exaggerated emotions… an honorable character, including Dimoulas as Fiammetta’s sequin-spangled grandmother.”

Dance Tabs UK

”For dancer Stefanos Dimoulas‘ Dragonfly, it is a quite silent end to its filigree flutterings at the close of its day.”

Leeds Living

”…this is an accessible, enjoyable production that proves opera can be for everyone… Cast includes Stefanos Dimoulas…”

The Stage