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Thermospheric Station Improvisation






A collaboration between a music designer and two dancers in June 2015 at the CCA in Glasgow for the xCOAx Conference. Director Jung-In Jung had the dancers attached with strings which were creating music sounds following the performers’ improvised movements.


Thermospheric Station is an interactive dance and sound collaboration using the game controller, Gametrak, as the interface to connect sound and movement. In this work, the creatives explained how Gametrak was used to create sound and dance improvisation with its very reduced and limited functions. Most importantly, they illuminated the aesthetics of the composition as a digital artwork with the use of motion-tracking technology of the controller.


Stefanos Dimoulas was the lead dancer in ‘Thermospheric Station’.


Director/Editor: Jung-In Jung
Filming: Michael Von Klinkerhoffen
Dancers: Stefanos Dimoulas, Dane Lukic


Photo credits to Michael Von Klinkerhoffen





Choreography, Dance, Videos
choreography, dance, improvisation