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An exclusive fashion film directed by the Norwegian-Spanish filmmaker Alexander Miguel.


The story of Narcissus has never been more relevant. Entirely and absolutely consumed by his own appearance and attributes, he is the definition of the 21st-century metrosexual male. This avant-garde style film is a tribute to modern male beauty and a glorification of the male form. Immune to the charms of others, Narcissus rejects Nymph Echo’s attempt at seducing him, finding more joy in his reflection. And the crown goes to…


NARCISSUS was also featured on KALTBLUT. Magazine and was one of the Honourable Mentions winners at Global Shorts short film festival 2017.


Stefanos was the Casting and Movement Director in this project giving directions to the models on how to react with the camera as well as creating the scenes more effective for the screen.



Director: Alexander Miguel
Producer: Holley London Ltd
Casting and Movement Director: Stefanos Dimoulas
Cinematographer: Beatriz Sastre
Editor: Rüta Sile
Models: Joel Neven, Callum Kerr, Fabio Binder, Nikos Giannios, Barbara Blanka and Shauna Ridgard




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