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Dancing With The Stars


Dancing With The Stars – Judge on Season 7


Stefanos Dimoulas came to be the youngest Greek judge in history of the world-renowned TV show Dancing With The Stars in Greece, the version of the UK series Strictly Come Dancing.


Some of his phrases that were broadcasted on live TV made a huge impact on the Greek community: «Passion has no gender», «I feel blessed that I live in an era which crushes the stereotypes I was brought up with», «I dance for all those people who were ashamed to fall in love with the people they were attracted to, all those who left their last breath due to AIDS without holding the hands of the beloved ones they wanted to have by their side». On the final episode, he performed one of his new creations, a male duet based on the mythological story of Icarus and Daedalus, which caused a sensation.


The 7th Season of the production was aired during 2021-2022 on Star Channel.


Created: Fenia Vardanis & Richard Hopkins
Produced: Green Pixel Productions
Presented: Vicky Kaya & Lambros Fisfis





Choreography, Dance, Videos